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Norton Training & Consulting Services
For the last 23 years Norton Training has helped over 200 clients around the world improve their organizational cultures, recruit impressive talent, build stronger retention and drive impactful outcomes.

Right People:

Hire the Best Fit, Faster

Recruitment & Hiring Efforts That Work With the Power of

Scientifically proven to predict candidate success.

  • Pinpoint the best person for any role and streamline your recruiting process.
  • Target your recruitment efforts to attract the right candidates.
  • Get deep candidate Insights upfront with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™.
hiring candidates

Have more meaningful Interviews
with the PI Behavioral Interview Guides™

  • The PI Behavioral Interview Guides™ allow you to identify the strengths of each candidate and ask questions to dig deeper into how they leverage these natural behaviors to drive results in their roles.
  • Questions also include those areas where the candidate might not be a great fit for the targeted role allowing the interviewer to probe for self awareness and to hear how the candidate responds to more challenging work situations.
Norton Training has effectively used The Predictive Index for the last 29 years initially as a customer and then as a consultant with remarkable results. She helps her clients make a measurable impact in better targeted hiring, reduced turnover and creating succession pipelines that work.

Right Seats:

Maximize The Potential of Your People In Relation to How They Perform on Specific Teams

Create your Dream Team

  • With the insight provided by PI Team Discovery™ Norton Training will help you learn to maximize the potential of each of your people and the overall performance of your teams.
  • Aligning your teams to your strategy and goals creates momentum and increases your organizations success in getting tangible operational results where it counts.
  • All while helping your team communicate and solve problems more effectively.

Right Focus:

Unify Your Leadership Team On Strategic Goals & The Ability to Execute Impressive Results
the right focus

Executive Retreats, Leadership & Service Culture Programs

  • Synergy happens when teams gather in a trusted environment to share ideas aimed at a unified vision.
  • Norton Training has a series of impactful management development programs with practical tools designed to deliver lasting results.

Right Focus: Empower your People
To Optimize Your Talent Solutions

pipeline for success
Help Your Current Team Understand How to Grow Their Careers within Your Organization

Invest in the Talent You Have
Considering how tough it is to recruit the right talent in this competitive job market, it’s especially important to retain your high performing team members and help them grow their skills, learn to leverage their time, and smooth out the blindspots in their behaviors to ready them for their next career move.
Innovative Career Journeys To Increase Competencies
Let Norton Training help you build customized career paths for each of your key roles. It starts with identifying performance gaps for each of your high potentials and provides opportunities for stretch assignments and cross training experiences.
Increase Self Awareness & Influencing Skills
Norton Training has some terrific self awareness exercises to help your team members reflect on their strengths and areas in need of improvement. To support this process, a mentorship program is recommended to bring your leaders together with your high potentials for the purpose of strategizing career insights.

Right Focus: Retaining Talent
& Increasing Engagement

Engagement Report
Team work makes the dream work
restaurant team

No matter what industry you’re in, hiring the right people is only part of the equation.

With the PI Employee Experience SurveyTM uncover why your employees are disengaged, what you’re doing well, and how you can take action to fix or maintain engagement.

The PI Diagnose solution is easy to administer and provides detailed reports complete with suggested action plans to increase engagement.

The Right People, The Right Seats, The Right Focus =

Impressive Outcomes

  • Quote about Ann
    Ann's programs are honest and effective. She has the ability to improve every aspect of service and delivers the message in a straightforward manner that is instantly understandable. What sets her apart is her pride. It's as if she becomes personally responsible for service delivery, not so much as a consultant but as a business partner.
    - Director of Finance for National Hotel Group
  • Quote about Ann
    First, Ann's wealth of knowledge and her passion for the science/art of PI is fun and engaging. Second, the PI tool is going to help my company make better choices and help in the communication with existing management.
    - CEO of Transportation Logistics Company
  • Quote about Ann
    Ann Norton was a fantastic presenter. Very organized and skilled in the material and in her knowledge of The Predictive Index.
    - CHRO Hospitality & Cruise Line Company
  • Quote about Ann
    I’ve watched the positive impact of Ann’s training programs in regard to reduced employee turnover, enhancement of guest service quality, increased team moral and the development of many line level employees into supervisors and managers.
    - Managing Director, Upscale Destination Resort & Private Club
  • Quote about Ann
    Norton Training has become well known for their expertise in opening dozens of upscale hotels, resorts & casinos. Most impressively is Ann’s personal touch with every level in the organization and her ability to ‘move the bar’ in significant and lasting ways. She partners well with the management team and earns their support and respect. She is a true hotelier and provides much more than basic HR classroom training by digging into the operation and solving chronic service and efficiency issues.
    - Managing Director, Upscale Destination Resort & Private Club
  • Quote about Ann
    Ann did an amazing job - her ability to train while using conversation and interaction was the perfect match!
    Well done!!
    - HRD International Investment Group
  • I've been working with Ann Norton as my Predictive Index consultant for three years and consider her a key strategic resource in my fast growing company. The Predictive Index (PI) has become a trusted tool in the selection and team development for us at Advantage. It's quick for applicants to take and an amazingly accurate read of people. Ann's support and guidance in how Advantage uses the PI is also a great help.
    - CEO of Technology Company
  • Quote about Ann
    We consider her an extension of our team when it comes to the PI and to Human Resource support. She stays in touch with us and is always there when we need to talk about our people management goals and decisions. Ann and the PI tool get my highest recommendation...we wouldn't hire another person without them.
    - CEO of Technology Company
  • Quote about Ann
    I am still getting amazing feedback from the team about the Leadership Training class. It was so well received. One manager told me she has never been to anything like it and you completely engaged them and made it so enjoyable. She normally abhors training classes, fights to not fall asleep, but said she just loved your program and was really motivated by that and the PI.
    - Operations Director for a Caribbean Based Resort
  • Quote about Ann
    Ann Norton is a wonderful trainer and consultant. I gained very clear actionable insights that I was able to apply right away with my colleagues.
    - Managing Director and Chief of Staff, Private Equity Company
  • Quote about Ann
    Ann Norton presented the information very well and I found it really interesting. I learned a lot about myself and what motivates me as well as how others can be motivated. The information will be useful in hiring and for leaders to motivate their teams.
    - People Development Partner Corporate Office Senior Care Facility

    Right Connection:

    Past & Present Clients
    • Arapahoe County
    • Coca Cola Enterprises
    • Ginn Club And Resorts
    • Health Growth Capital
    • Integrated Financial Settlements
    • Mgm Resorts
    • Ocean Reef Club
    • Oppenheimer
    • Precision Science
    • Schomp Automotive
    • Stone Bridge Companies
    • Yotel
    • Citadel Security
    • Four Seasons
    • Jacobs Entertainment inc.
    • NVA
    • Pilatus
    • Power Motive Corporation
    • Smith Drug Company
    • Turks Caicos Collection - Luxury Resorts
      Ann E. Norton

      Ann E. Norton

      Professional Areas of Expertise

      • Executive team facilitation
      • Organizational development specialist
      • Skilled recruitment and retention strategist
      • Customer service expert after successfully leading the service culture training for over thirty-five upscale hotel, resort and casino openings throughout the world
      Predictive Index Certified Partner

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      Certified Partner of The Predictive Index

      Over the last 30 years Ann has trained and consulted with thousands of executives, managers and employees throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

      Her passion is helping her clients function as high performance teams that effectively deliver the results they envision. Her focus is on leadership development, strategic Human Resource initiatives, Customer Service programs and utilizing the powerful series of resources within The Predictive Index™.

      Ann’s organizational development background began with her work as an Assistant Dean of Students with the University of Denver. She continued to refine her facilitation and program development skills as the Director of Training & Program Development for CareerTrack — who at the time was one of the worlds largest providers of learning solutions. She often jokes that she gained the equivalent of an MBA as a leader within this fast growing company that went from 10 million in sales to 65 million within a few short years of her being there.

      Her career pivoted after that when she became an international trainer and HR leader for Sonesta Hotels. She continued to deliver learning and development programs while she learned the inter-workings of the hospitality business. Ann fast became the “go to” person for her General Manager to use to help lead various operational departments and divisions when there were management gaps or when there were challenges in those areas. After a few years of this, she decided it was time to start her own training and consulting business.

      Throughout this time, Ann was an avid user and promoter of The Predictive Index. She was certified in The Predictive Index behavioral assessment 29 years ago and she has used the PI effectively both as a client, and over the last 12 years, as a PI consultant. She’s an old school PI expert with a deep understanding of the science behind The Predictive Index. Ann enjoys the new PI offerings around Design - Dream Teams and Diagnosis - Employment Engagement. You won’t find anyone more excited about how the PI impacts company cultures and drives impressive results than Ann!

      She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado and has done graduate work in Higher Education at the University of Denver.

      Norton Training's Philosophy About Working Together:

      At this point in Ann’s career, she is focused on high impact strategic human capital work with client companies that are dedicated to better targeted hiring, succession planning and performance improvement with their management teams. That’s what drives change organizationally.

      Due to Ann’s commitment to her clients, and the investment she makes back to them in on-going support, she is selective regarding the new organizations she takes on. It has to be the right fit both for the company and for Ann. She absolutely loves what she does and wants to partner with clients that are equally passionate about continuous improvement with their most valued resource; the people on their teams.

      Norton Training & Consulting Services
      Ann E. Norton
      Based in Denver, CO USA
      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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